We have neighbours with trampolines, and they have kindly offered for Zoe to jump on them at any time she wants. But she still wants her own.

And look! I made a poll! Why? Because I am very lax at updating over the weekends. I just wanted to know how many people actually read this comic on a daily basis. I will still get a comic a day out, but if I’m late, does anyone notice? I know Leezet notices. She tells me when it’s not out.

[poll id=”2″]


  1. I’ve read them all, when I see it in feedly (RSS reader) or on Facebook. Don’t have time to go anywhere in hopes that someone might be there.

  2. I check several times a day (because I know you don’t always update at X time) and you’re in a daily comic bookmark list that I say — open all — (because you’re not the only daily who doesn’t always update at the same time). 🙂

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