Usually, KDramas run for sixteen episodes and then they’re done. Each episode is about an hour, but for Prison Playbook, they went for an hour and a half, or a bit more than that. We couldn’t squeeze in two episodes in the evening, so a cliffhanger was brutal! I’d have to wait a whole day! ^_^

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 -
Ekko: Dad! Mom is read to watch "Prison Playbook".
Errol: Great! I'll join you.

Panel 2 (Keren, Errol, and Ekko are on the couch watching TV) -
Errol: What episode are we on now?
Ekko: Episode twelve.

Panel 3 (About an hour and a half later...) -
Errol & Ekko: AHHHHHH!!!!

Panel 4 -
Errol: Of COURSE it's a cliffhanger!!
Keren: Those trees are so pretty.
Ekko: Sometimes I wonder if we're watching the same show.

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