Keren does exercises geared towards an older female demographic, and so they have different music than the ones I have. I don’t know which music I’d prefer to exercise to: royalty-free dance music, or royalty-free country music.

I was almost debating downloading videos I like and just putting them to Black Pink. That’d be a lot of work though…

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 -
Keren: Sorry for blocking the kitchen.
Errol: You're doing exercises?!

Panel 2 -
Keren: Well, I can't run outside anymore.
Errol: We can do them together!

Panel 3 -
Keren: thank you.
Errol: Why not? You exercise at the same time as me!

Panel 4 -
Keren: I don't need your judgement.
Errol: You keep confusing me with Zoe.
Ekko: She's the worst.

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