Sometimes it’s really easy to get a hold of me. Other times, it’s not. Especially if we’re watching KDramas. Usually, if I’m out, or watching something, I don’t check my phone.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 -
Ana: I got a hold of Randy. He knows we'll be late.
Egnor: With Errol's penchant for being early, he's probably already there waiting.

Panel 2 -
Ana: Do you have Errol's phone number?
Egnor: No. I asked Randy, and he doesn't have it either.

Panel 3 -
Ana: Oh! Manpans will. I have her contact information.
Egnor: She has mobile data!

Panel 4 -
Ana: Hold on. Does Errol's phone receive calls from American numbers?
Egnor: After experiencing their tire stores, I have no idea how Canada works.

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