It was pretty impressive. Not one kid batted an eye at the thought of being an hour early. Huzzah!

↓ Transcript
The Shepherds and the Elumirs are at the movies.
Panel 1 - (At the movies)
Errol: Huzzah! I've been looking forward to Spider-man.

Panel 2 -
Mads: I'm excited to see "Sing 2", but I also wanted to see "Encanto"!

Panel 3 -
Cheryl: I'm surprised we're here an hour early and the children are fine with that.
Keren: Errol's trained them.

Panel 4 -
Dan: I'm still confused why we're here an hour early.
Keren: Just be happy we're not at an escape room.
Ekko: Then we'd also have to stay an hour later.


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