In case the title is confusing, that’s what the area is called at major subway stops for people to pick up those are waiting.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 (In the car) -
Errol: Hi, Ana! Hi, Egnor! Thanks for picking me up!
Ana: Hi, Errol!
Egnor: No problem!

Panel 2 -
Ana: I'm sorry we're late.
Egnor: We had luggage problems.
Errol: With how the airports are, I'm just glad you arrived the same day!

Panel 3 -
Ana: It's good we were able to get a hold of you.
Egnor: You know, Errol, there were two things about you that always struck me.
Errol: Oh?

Panel 4 -
Egnor: One) You didn't have data on your phone. Two) You took your shoes off in escape rooms.
Errol: That tracks. Although, honestly, I'm surprised it's constricted to just two.

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