The escape room escapades continue. I know everyone’s really waiting to see my parents again…

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 -
Game Host: Hello, and welcome to our escape room!
Errol: Hi! My name's Errol! The one in the lab coat is my sister and a doctor.
Leezet: Ugh...why?

Panel 2 -
Game Host: I like your Totoro shirt.
Errol: Oh! You know who Totoro is?!
Leezet: Don't enable him!

Panel 3 -
Game Host: Yes. My boyfriend loves all thing Ghibli.
Errol: He sounds cool! We could be friends!

Panel 4 -
Game Host: He'd probably like that.
Errol: And then he'd have a friend with a sister who's a doctor!!
Leezet: Ugh...why?
Manpans: Can we just start the room?

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