Anyone else have office surveys? Ours is called “Office Vibes”. They’re anonymous, but I usually fill in the long text form answers in such a way that I’m sure it’s pretty clear who’s writing.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 (Work chats...) -
Eilis: How's your day, Errol?
Errol: Hey! you know those office surveys we take about how we feel about working?

Panel 2 -
Eilis: Yeah?
Errol: It said our "relationship with peers" metric was lower than usual!

Panel 3 -
Eilis: Oh?
Errol: I didn't even know that was a metric being measured! I thought it was about us and our feelings! Why was it low? Is there something happening that I'm missing again?

Panel 4 -
Eilis: I love how seriously you take this metric. Like it's a personal insult.
Errol: I know it's because of me! Just because I dig too deep into everyone's personal lives, it's suddenly "HR Issues!"

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