When I try to play music on my phone for others, people can barely hear it. When I play a youtube video, everyone can hear it. Sheesh. Can’t win.

↓ Transcript
Ekko and Zoe are in their room in their respective online class.

Panel 1 -
Zoe's teacher on the computer: Good afternoon, students.
Ekko's teacher on the computer: Hello, class. I hope you're doing well.

Panel 2 -
Offscreen, sound from a youtube vid: "Hello, everyone! I'm Kibitz, and in today's video, we have some spicy updates to my factory!"

Panel 3 -
Zoe: Dad! Why is that youtube vid so loud?!
Ekko: Quit watching vids in the bathroom!!

Panel 4 -
Errol (offscreen): Oh! You can hear that?
Ekko & Zoe: YES!!

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