We played the game for three or four hours for a few nights. It’s such a fun game!

↓ Transcript
The four are sitting around a table playing the card game, "The Crew".

Panel 1 -
Joe: <AHEM>*
*Translation: Ekko, don't take the trick, I need it.

Panel 2 -
Ekko: <SIGH>*
Dan: <COUGH>**
*I eventually need a trick!
** Hold on, my hand is perfect for this!

Panel 3 -
Joe: <MMM!>*
Dan: <COUGH><AHEM!>**
*I need to take it! Don't worry, I can give lead back to you!
** You don't know my cards! I don't think I can take lead except on this turn!

Panel 4 -
Errol: You do know we're not supposed to communicate.
Joe & Dan: We're not saying anything!


    1. Well, there is a mechanic to communicate a little. However, the game is pretty obvious on what you need to do. 😀

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