And I think I have all of them, except Mads isn’t at full height yet. So I am suspecting I will need to redo characters again.

Oh yeah, I usually call their parents Auntie Cheryl and Uncle Dan. They’re not MY uncle and aunt.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 -
Dan: Morning. I made you some coffee.
Errol: Thanks, uncle Dan! It smells good!

Panel 2 -
Ekko: Oh wow. That's a lot of bacon.
Dan: Yes. I'm slicing some up for breakfast!
Errol: AHHHH! So much bacon!

Panel 3 -
Ekko: Anyway, good morning, father. Your favourite daughter is here.
Errol: Not so fast. There's new contender for that title.

Panel 4 -
Ekko: Uncle Dan isn't even a daughter.
Errol: But he has bacon!

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