I’m slowly getting around to drawing all the members of the family. However, if you aren’t aware, Cheryl is the mother of Maya, Joe, Genny, and Mads.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 (At the Shepherd's house. A bowl of oranges sit on the counter.) -
Keren: Hi, Cheryl!
Cheryl: Hi, Keren! I'm glad you made it safely!

Panel 2 -
Offscreen: ORANGES!!

Panel 3 -
(Something goes by very fast.

Panel 4 (Oranges are gone) -
Keren: You know, they do have oranges at home.
Cheryl: Ahh, right. I forgot I need to stock up on these.
Errol (mouth is full): Mmm! Hmmm, aum Chrrrlll!!*
[*Oh! Hi, aunt Cheryl!!)

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