I realized I haven’t had my mom say her catch phrase for a few days.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 -
Leezet: We'll meet up with Memes at the room tonight.
Errol: Sounds good!

Panel 2 -
Lola: Where are you going now?
Errol: In case you doubt the veracity of these conversations, yes, my mom asks me this every time I'm about to leave the house.

Panel 3 -
Lola: Who are you talking to?
Errol: The internet, mum. You're in a webcomic right now.

Panel 4 -
Lola: Oh, you be quiet there.
Leezet: This conversation didn't happen though.
Errol: Good thing we have you here to dispense truth.
Leezet: Shut up, you loser.


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