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Did you notice he spent less time on the other parts as the class was getting close to ending? I noticed it.

We had a lot of fun, but GOOD GRIEF was that class hard for me!!

↓ Transcript
As the panels progress, Errol's panting and sweating get more pronounced.

Panel 1 (30 minutes into the K-Pop class.) -
Instructor (offscreen): Okay, let's continue to the second part.
Errol (thought): Already? Can't we practice the first part?

Panel 2 (15 minutes later...) -
Instructor (offscreen): You all did great! now to the third pard.
Errol (thought): What?! We only spent 15 minutes on the 2nd part! I'm not ready!

Panel 3(10 minutes later...) -
Instructor (offscreen): You're ready for the fourth part! This is a bit easier!
Errol (thought): I beg to differ, good sir!!

Panel 4 (5 minutes later...) -
Instructor (offscreen): Okay! Now the whole thing, but the music will be at 100% the speed.
Errol (thought): WE HAVEN'T BEEN AT FULL SPEED?!

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