Comic #799 – “Room Escape Diva”

THIS is an example of bad puzzle design. I hate this so much. A puzzle shouldn’t have four (or more) potential correct answers. The correct answer was the second one.

And in the end, she wouldn’t tell us which one was the right answer, but she did say it was 8 digits and we could use the order as it was written. I was so frustrated.

Comic #141 – “Mother Fail”

MNE_20150605_141Leezet wanted to do a comic for my birthday, so she sent me a comic which she put together by searching through the comics and cutting and pasting them.

And then, to create her daughter Joy, she took Zoe and messed up her hair with the note: “Zoe and Joy look similar except Joy is darker with messier black hair.”

In the end, I just redid the comic. I guess I have a Joy character now.

Now, you may wonder why Joy has a heart for a symbol. When she was younger, she was explaining to one of my children how something ‘hurt her heart’. Me, being the sensitive asian that I am broke out into laughter. That didn’t help matters at all.

I’m surprised Leezet allows me to be around her daughter at times.