Comic #583 – “Leader”


I helped Leader of Escapers 4G with her City Chase run today! She got 43 out of a 450 teams! That’s pretty impressive for her first time! Congratulations, Leader!

Leader has access to my google calendar and books it with escape rooms. For that reason, and many others, we call her Leader. 😀

I’ve been doing comics late at night and don’t get chances to add in new people, but we’ve been doing so many rooms with E4G now, I figured they should eventually be in here. Hah!

Comic #418 – “Bomb Session”


If it’s not clear, the purple is Leezet. She has been waiting three weeks to play this game. She even got her morse code skills brushed up. She’s hilarious to play with.

In fact, what I couldn’t put in the comic is that Leezet isn’t sure if you have to hold the button. It is normally an educated guess…