Too Dark

I can’t remember if you were there for this Leezet. Do you remember mom watching me play “7 Days to Die”? She should just go back to her “Family Feud”!

Watch TV

I don’t know what she was expecting. I mean, she’s watched me play video games all my life, I don’t know if she’s actually watched what I’ve played.

And considering all I do is collect resources and build, I wouldn’t doubt it’s boring…but it isn’t for me!!

Yet Again

Hello, everyone. I must apologize for the lateness in comics. Yes, this is dated for Apr 3rd, but I know in reality it’s June 21.

I just want to finish off this arc, which will finish off tomorrow in an abrupt way, because sadly, I have no idea what really happened now that it’s four months later.

Maybe Leezet remembers. If so, I can continue it! If not, I’ll return the comic back to the present. Help me, Leezet!