Farewell to the Shepherds

Although I didn’t include this in the arc, there were a lot of foosball games with Mads and I against Keren and Genny. Those were good times. In fact, I played so many foosball games with Genny, I probably spent more time with her than Keren did! This better put me in the running for favourite!

Also, I don’t know why Zoe is Mads’s favourite. It’s not like they were together! Mads stays inside with me, and we played foosball together! We never see Zoe!

Early for Bed, Early for Lies

Maya and Zoe always stay up until two or three. Maya always looks guilty when I ask her, although I don’t know why. They do know I’m awake too.

Wait. No. I mean. They do know I wake up at specific times just to see when they’re awake. I go to bed at 5pm.


I don’t know why Mads has so many rivals. If you remember from one of our last visits, Mads had a rival then too. I would have linked the comic, but I can’t find it. It’s there somewhere. One day, I’ll fix the search.