Meeting the Keegs

Did I put that in the comic? I know there was a time Keren and I went away for something, and Maya, Zoe, and the Keegs stayed at our house. I think Ekko was gone too. I forget the details though.

That’s why I have this comic, to remember these things. Although, sometimes they are embellished. Sometimes they are under-bellished. Like Bing’s excitement to meet Keegs. That was totally under-bellished.

We’re Done

Yes, we’re finally done that joke. This is a joke my dad would tell me and my sister when we were on road trips. Yes, he told it more than once. However, he didn’t extend it as much as I did.

So…Leezet has also heard the joke before.

Don’t worry, the next one I tell will be new. I already have it planned out.