Last One

Honestly, this arc was going to end about three comics ago, but people kept on talking about it. Leezet is still wondering why I did it. After all the years she’s known me, why would the ‘Why’ be bugging her now?

Anyway, this arc is done. Don’t you worry. I have two more ‘arcs’ I need to get out there.


Mango Montage

To think this would last as long as it did. James Cobalt’s last appearance was back in 2018, when I went to Boston with the family. There was a small bit of discussion in the slack about this. I didn’t think this would cause so many comments.

Comic #1272 – “Finally”

This is James Cobalt. He and his partner Salem were very hospitable and took us to fun places! I felt bad we were an hour late.

I don’t know if I can call this comic daily any more if I keep releasing them in batches like this. Good grief.