You know what’s sore the most with my workouts? My neck. All those workouts for abs make me hold up my neck a lot. In the end, I’ll have a strong neck and no abs.

↓ Transcript
In the slack chat:

Panel 1 -
Manpans: Hey, Errol. We should finish off Nancy Drew.
Errol: I should probably stay away. I'm not feeling well.

Panel 2 -
Manpans: Uh oh. Should I quarantine myself?
Errol: No, no. It's not COVID.

Panel 3 -
Manpans: You're not exactly someone anyone should trust for a medical diagnosis.
Errol: I'm just tired, achey, and a bit nauseated. I think it's the flu.

Panel 4 -
Manpans: No worries. Once your daughters complain about your "Man Flu", I'll know it's not serious.
Errol: I appreciate the concern.


  1. This must be from you venturing outside.

    Also, I said MONDAY for playing games. MONDAY!

    Also also, I really do hope you get better! Being sick sucks.

      1. I (only slightly we – the guys lost interest after Alibi in Ashes – Nancy accused of the crime?! plus other issues) just finished Shattered Medallion. Youngest (headed to 18) joined me towards the end. Not impressed. Internet suggests it’s in the bottom ranking (so not just us) but still. Nancy is losing her luster. Have yet to play:

        2 Stay Tuned for Danger
        5 The Final Scene
        31 Labyrinth of Lies
        32 Sea of Darkness
        33 Midnight in Salem

        But only own 5 & 31 and am thinking, completionist tendencies aside, Nancy is going to need to be selling herself VERY cheaply for me to invest.

          1. That is….disappointing. If it’s worse than Albi and Medallion…I think, as my eldest said, Nancy is dead to me…..

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