I don’t use Canadian Tire enough to have any. I don’t even know the last time I saw one.

By the way, it seems I need to upgrade in order to share my comics automatically to other social media sites. And since I rarely use social media, and the Facebook share was broken, I’ve turned it off for now.

RSS still works though.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 [In Discord] -
Manpans: Hi, Egnor. How goes the prank planning?
Egnor: I did some research and found Canadian Tire does not only sell tires.

Panel 2 -
Manpans: Oh! Ha, yeah. I guess the name would confuse an American.
Egnor: And then I found out about Canadian Tire money.

Panel 3 -
Egnor: And then read where there have been giant scams where people made counterfeit bills?

Panel 4 -
Manpans: My teacher kept a garbage bag of Canadian Tire money to save up for a lawnmower.
Egnor: Has Canada not worked out a proper monetary system?


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