Time goes by quickly. I thought I only skipped two days. I skipped three.

Yesterday, I went to the doctor’s for an old-man appointment and was pretty much knackered for the whole day. I wonder if I should make that into a comic. People would think I’m more disgusting than I already am though…

↓ Transcript
Panel 1 (Ekko, Errol, Joe, and Keren are in the car) -
"Mick Jagger? As one of the most famous frogs in North America, how is this not common knowledge?" asks Patricia.
"No one's asked, Patti," said Kermit.
"Fine, how much would you like to borrow?" asks Patricia.
"Let's make it a hundred thousand," says Kermit.
"Oh dear, that's quite a large sum. you will need to secure some collateral against that loan," says Patricia.

Do you know what collateral means, Joe?
Joe: Uh...
Errol: "Sure thing, Patti," says Kermit, and he pulls out a pink and white bauble which he places on the desk.
"Where did you get that?" asks Patricia.
"We have a lot of storehouses in our studio, and since the show's been around for decades, many things have accumulated. I found this one—"
"No, I mean, you weren't carrying anything when you came in, and you don't wear any clothes, so you have no pockets, and so I was wondering, how on earth did you bring that out?" asks Patricia.
"You focus on strange things, Patti," said Kermit.
Patricia decides to forgo the inventory question and asks what the object is.
"It's my collateral," says Kermit.
"I know, but what is it?" asks Patricia.
"It's worth a lot," says Kermit.
Keren: Hold on, can we check Google maps for a second?
Panel 2 -
Errol: My love! I have them on the edge of their seats!
Ekko: For it to be done.
Keren: Sorry!
Joe (thinking): How is this a joke?

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