Yes. This is it. A thousand comics!

Thanks to all of you who are still here! Thanks to all of you who just joined! And many thanks to all of you who have updated the crowd-sourced tagline list!

It’s locked from editing, however, comments are still in place.

I should put a poll up on facebook, what else should I do with the comic? I don’t plan on ending, but I wonder if I should take a new direction. I would assume, since it does chronicle our lives, it will naturally shift to match, but is that too slow for impatient readers? Who knows!

Heck, my life seems to be going super fast at the moment…


  1. A tad late to the party, but yay! 1000 comics! It oddly doesn’t feel like that many. I’m with Manpans (spoiler for tomorrow’s comic)–I don’t like change. I think what you’ve been doing so far works well. Have you had people complain? (And I mean, even if they do, they can just find a comic that suits their needs!)

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