To be honest, this happened a month ago, however, I didn’t get the brilliant idea to have my hair grow in the comic until after I cut my hair. So, for the last month, I slowly drew my hair out each week. Had I the fortitude or the inclination, I could have gradually did it each day, but who has time for that?

It reminds me of Asterix and Cleopatra. For those who have read it, maybe you’ll understand why. It involves a small side character who didn’t shave his head.

Anyway, for the record, I suck at puns. I had to research all those lines. Some people can come up with puns without even thinking. My brain wasn’t built that way.


  1. Hey Errol, if you haven’t heard yet, net neutrality’s dead. The changes won’t go into effect until after the new laws are written and all the pending lawsuits get settled, so we have at least a couple of months before the internet falls to pieces. Well, I suppose it’s already fallen to pieces, but whatever.

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