1. And I thought there would be something Star Wars today… 🙁

    Poor Ekko, though. And poor Keren! (I miss you guys….)

  2. Why wasn’t I in this comic? Who cares about ekko weird home work problems? I am AWESOME, and should be the star of the comic. they could call it”my neighbour zoe” and since my name is shorter you’d have enough space the spell neighbour the right way! Errol was to long so he had to spell it with out the “u”
    P.S. zoe is two letters shorter and what happened to this comic?

  3. Man! I just got our water bill and almost fainted.. it was… $9.50.. hmmm… back to you Canadians!! heheh

  4. Well… *goes to hide behind the American flag*

    Just say Canadians don’t waste water because they freeze it all up and play hockey on it, then let it melt again instead of drinking it and showering in it.

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