I rarely talk about racism that much in real life, or facebook. However, because of Trump, it crops up more. And, you know, that may be a good thing, in a strange way.

I had an interesting conversation, about race, a while back. An older, white man told me they changed the definition of what racism was. And I asked him to define it. And he did. Then I asked if certain views he held were still considered racist according to the definition he gave me. And then he redefined what racism meant. So I asked for further clarification. And he was hard pressed to give me a definition because it was difficult to remove the ‘intolerant of other people groups’ part.

To be honest, I don’t care if someone is racist. If they admit to it, then it’s out in the open. But no one wants to cross the line and say they are racist. So they are desperately trying to move the line. Or blur the line.

But we are all biased in some way. Why not accept the line? Learn from it?

I am male. I have male privilege. I am aware of what that grants me, as much as I am able to. And I also have ingrained within me sexist attitudes as well. And instead of justifying any of those attitudes, I should see them for what they are, which is deplorable.

I am also a Christian, and at the heart of that, I strive to be other-centered and not self-centered. This may come as a shock to you, because I’m quite a narcissistic guy at times. Hah. I didn’t say I’ve been good at being other-centered.

But as a Christian, I had one goal for being a husband, and that was making sure Keren will be the best that she can be. And that doesn’t allow for any attitude on my part to grab for privilege, rights, or control. Complete sacrifice is at the heart of being a husband.

My point is, I am not one to march out into the social platforms to dispel tongue lashings to those unaware of injustice. But I hope, through discussion, we can see how we don’t understand another’s experience. And our justifications to make ourselves feel better about ourselves is at the cost of others. That’s not other-centered.

My, my, this is a long and rambly post. A bit more open than I like.

I’m not in search of any accolades, or rebuke, heh, and so I’m closing off comments on this post. Tomorrow will not be as serious and we can continue on with puzzles and trolling children.