1. Achievement Unlocked! You’ve just earned 5 points to spend on leveling up.
      2pts- New Shoes (increase +2 agility level)
      3pt- Sweat Pants (so you look awesome while sweating, + 2 charisma)
      5pts- Full Outfit (you will now get bonuses everytime you wear this item while walking +3 stamina, +3 charisma)

  1. Sore after forty minutes of walking? FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, ERROL.

    I’ve been sore for the last couple of days, but that’s because I walked for two and a half hours yesterday, then nearly two hours today. I’m more used to walking to work (50 minutes) and subwaying back, or biking back and forth (25 minutes each way). And yes, I’m still radically out of shape, even with the exercise factored in.

    Sweat is GOOD for you. It’s HEALTHY sweat. KEEP SWEATING.

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