MNE_20150513_118Poor Manpans. She’s not feeling well. She had to skip out on Puzzled Pint.

Oh, do you know what was cool? Last night, I met TWO teams from Puzzle Hunt! I met “Just Roo It” and “Golden Hawk”! That was super cool!

And I would have talked their ear off about puzzles, but they were saved because, I had to do another escape room with Mike and Manpans at Roundabout! ^_^


  1. In my house, when the plague hits, we drink lots of fizzy soda (like 7 Up and Sprite), Gatorade, and if vomit was involved, Saltine crackers.

    But never toast. I’d never hard of the toast.

  2. For us, fruit juice tends to feature highly (if only for the vitamin C content) but everything else tends to depend on who is ill, and what they’ve come down with.

    1. I… read that as Juicy Fruit.
      ♪ ♫ Got your skiis shined up, grab a stick of Juicy Fruit
      The taste is gonna move ya! ♪ ♫

        1. ♪ ♫ So kiss a little longer. Longer with Big Red! That big red freshness goes right to you. ♪ ♫ (I forgot the rest of the words)

          1. (Your fresh breath goes on and on while you chew it!)

            And now my turn:

            Double double your refreshment! Double double your delight! Oh, no single gum double freshens your mouth like Doublemint, Doublemint gum!

  3. I guess now we know why Manda chooses to live near the Elumirs. Having a nice neighbor like Keren cancels out having a crazy one.

  4. We do toast when someone’s been throwing up because it’s bland, to try to get some food in them that won’t make them feel worse. Or as a test when they’re starting to feel better, to see if they can keep it down.

    When I was growing up, we drank 7Up when we were sick to settle our stomachs. I can’t drink 7Up anymore, because that’s what I equate it with now.

    The BRAT diet (as someone mentioned on FB) is what we were told by a doctor to feed someone who was having…issues from the other end.

  5. I have to say, the “life before the elumirs” comment was far from my mind as the glorious bread was hand delivered to my door

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