1. Just so you know, I do read the comic. I just don’t always comment. Sometimes I have nothing to say, so I chuckle and move on.

  1. Every day reader.
    Once a week commentator.
    But, for the record, I thought you were freaking CRAZY to do a daily comic.

    /unasked for advice begins here/
    Maybe you could take the weekends off?
    Or maybe post a LINK to your favorite OTHER webcomics on the weekends.
    Then, you’re still providing daily content, but also making your life easier AND you are cross-promoting.

    /end unasked for advice/

    1. Oooh, post a link to another webcomic. That’d be cool! Also would require a bit of research though…hmmm…

          1. I would do straight up stick figures with pencil and paper.

            But I might be talked into it.
            Maybe all the rest of us who love the Elumirs could all volunteer to take one weekend day a month? We could contribute a blog, comic, link-fest, etc.

          2. I can do the first or last Sunday of the month…
            But I definitely can’t commit to EVERY Sunday.
            I can get a few going.


  2. You just took a break for 6 weeks (December-January) now you want another vacation already? That’s it I want my money back! Oh wait, You do this for free. In that case, I guess that I can’t really complain of you take a day off.

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