On one of the floors of this museum was an exhibit of Frida Kohl’s work and also an exhibit called the Art of Asia. In between those exhibits, on a lone wall, was this picture.

We didn’t know there was a “Self Portraits” exhibit. Most of them were pretty artsy. This one… wasn’t.

It was quite jarring in fact. And if that was the intent, then it was very effective.


    1. Oh! I didn’t see these comments until now! By the way, I was able to handle the medical bodies display. 😀

  1. LMAO! I did some Googling. You guys probably would’ve found some of her other work just as horrifying. 😀

      1. I don’t have any specific link but Googling “Carolee Schneemann Infinite Kisses”(or Infinity Kisses…she seems to sometimes use one or the other) will get you some uh…cat pictures. 🙂

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