1. Yes, she clearly looks like a terrorist. My favorite is when they act like a toddler is a terrorist threat.

  2. I love the sarcasm on her face when she’s describing the contents of her bag. Like “Uh, dude, why are you asking me these pointless questions. JEEZ!”

  3. I’ve been stopped and questioned for juggling balls (“Is there liquid in these?”) and a ukulele (“You can’t carry on a guitar in a hard case”). My dad once forgot he had a little folding knife with him, so he quietly tucked it into his camera bag, and no one noticed. Airports are FUN.

  4. That’s ok.. Jaxom packed a cap gun in his back pack when we went to California.. the TSA guy confiscated it.. poor Jaxom he wanted to show it to his cousins!

  5. Pre 9/11 on a trip to England They let me fly with a multy-tool in a small holster on my belt.

    Post 9/11 on a flight to Vancouver they took a small flashlight-knife I had just bought that was still wrapped in it’s box at the bottom of my bag, and my Timmy’s steeped tea.

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