The thing with Google Maps, as long as you have wifi at the beginning and download the route, you should be fine. Driving in downtown Boston with no GPS is a bad thing. We should have stopped off at a Starbucks or a McDonalds.

Anyway, I’m almost caught up! Hah. Sorry for the last two days of no comics. I was exhausted last night. And the night before, uh, I may have started a new k-drama with my family. It’s pretty new. Can you guess what it is?


  1. New K Drama – “Friend or Pho?”
    Trapped in a world controlled by a crazed Korean supercomputer, our heroes Ekko Errol and fam are trying to survive (outrun, outplay, outlast) and escape the reach of the crazed AI. At the end of every story arc and once each episode there will be a locked door. Behind every locked door is an ally needing to be rescued (a Friend) or some Pho provided by the supercomputer to keep our heroes nourished.

  2. With Google maps, You can downloaf the whole area for offline use. It doesn’t have traffic or business, but otherwise works as well as offline. You should be able to download all of Boston for that.

  3. The actual term for Boston’s road pattern is “Cowpath Urban Design”
    Also Beacon Street leads to the State Capital building. All the streets around the Capital building are one way because in Boston all the politicians are one way.

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