1. I remain convinced that Canadians are way more fixated on guns then the average American citizen. It’s really strange to witness. I think I’ve had a conversation with Keren about this.
    I do have maybe two friends who have concealed carry gun rights as the personal platform they choose to defend on Facebook. Everyone I know who moved to Atlanta, GA got handguns eventually (but that was years ago) and why I will never live there. I have two other friends who go to a range periodically. And I have friends who hunt and relatives who were in the military. All in all this means guns rarely enter conversation, except for from the memes of the rights crusaders.
    However, if I visit Canadian friends or they visit us it is guaranteed to be a topic of conversation or discussion. I don’t know if it is because it is taboo topic in Canada and so it is forbidden fruit or what. But I have found that it is a much much more likely topic of conversation when there is a Canadian around.

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