1. I hate to point this out but you’ve misnumbered. Unless #1351 is going to be the lost episode, only available on the ultra-pricey Blu-Ray (and me with only a DVD player).

    1. I think there is merit to Episode 1351: Errol and the Lost (Stardew) Valley. Or maybe it’s Errol and the Lost Jedi? Errol and the Raiders of the Lost Ark?

      Anything (including incredibly lame puns) is better than tackling another lesson of Algebra II today. At least our History and Lit this year is cool (albeit overly ambitious) — The History (and Literature) of China (and Japan and Korea).

      1. That’s very ambitious! Good grief. I would like to know a little history of the Asias, then I wouldn’t be so confused when I watch Asian films that reference it. 🙂

        1. I think “survey” is accurate in our case. Right now though, we’ve got three translations of “Journey to the West” that we’re looking at for our lit component (trying to decide whether to go unabridged vs. abridged 1 vs. abridged 2 — and, yes, all translated since no one’s Chinese is that good). Then we’ll do Art of War and then dabble in poetry. I’d actually love some movie recommendations (but English dub/sub is a must). I’m expecting we’ll indulge in some movie fluff, but well-done history/literary-based movies are great.

  2. Pretty much the only thing I miss about my late teens / early 20s was the ability to sleep until afternoon. Adulting doesn’t let that happen anymore!

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