1. Something like this happened to me. Turned out my appendix went. But by the time I got bundled off to an ER (two weeks later because when it was really bad I didn’t bother to see a doctor because I thought it was something else and after 48 hours the extreme discomfort was gone. It was the not feeling significantly better after 2 weeks that led to the grudging doctor appointment that led to tests and then a phone call telling me to go to the ER immediately), it was determined that 1) yes my appendix had ruptured but 2) it managed to do it in such a way that instead of full explosion, it just popped a hole and dribbled. My body was managing things, nothing to be done and then I had to wait about 2 months for them to remove it (so they could make sure it didn’t have anything nasty going on as well). I was (figuratively) patted on the head and told that if I lived in Europe they wouldn’t have bothered removing the appendix (at this point) but this was the US of A.

    Less than a year later my youngest’s appendix also decided to go belly up — but he was taken promptly to ER (after phone consultation with his doctor) and was properly taken care of.

    And yes, better lucky than smart (as far as my appendix tale) and not recommended.

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