1. I’ve been subbing in a kindergarten class since October. A week ago (was it only a week?) the “entertainment”, starring a different student(s) each day, included:

    Monday – student stuck a menorah, I had brought in, in their mouth (this after I explained that an artist friend had made it and it was special to my family).

    Tuesday – in art class student decided to taste crayons (the blue and green went beyond the ring around the mouth onto teeth).

    Wednesday – wide-eyed student decided to poke eye area with scissors. And then within 5 minutes of the trip to the nurse, started to do it again (needless to say, scissors confiscated in spite of being necessary to complete project and loud vocal complaints from student – once, maybe accidental (especially when you didn’t actually observe it and there is frequently scissor waving in spite of rules), second time active engagement )

    Thursday – student decided to engage in a compare and contrast event while using the bathroom.

    Friday – a recess event worthy of Columbo and Holmes, involving (allegedly) shoving, name calling, jacket ripping and scratching (the latter the only evidence that could be observed due to evidence on a student’s face). I got 6 different accounts (none of which overlapped) from the students involved.

    This past week we had two snow days and a delay and then I wasn’t in the classroom Thursday/Friday (but I’ve heard that things got double crazy on Friday).

    So – chewing on banisters…..sounds restful. 🙂

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