1. Refreshing hasn’t worked for me (if the problem is that no comic appears, just a white bar at the top). I have found that (usually) accessing the strips through the calendar gets me to a fully displayed comic. But before I can get to the calendar, I need to go to “about”. It isn’t a frequent problem, but did kick up (again) after the new year.

    And if it’s of any value, I’m reading the strip on a PC running Win7.

    Unrelated game comment – Humble Bundle periodically offers free games (which you can activate on Steam). Currently it’s “A Story About My Uncle”. Probably old games to most, but it’s about our price point for adding games. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh good! Well, I mean, not good because you’re having a problem…but I’d just put it down to it being my wonky old laptop’s fault! And, for once, it’s not! That’s exciting!

    Refreshing didn’t help for me either.

  3. It’s been pretty random for me – I’ll get just the header, with no comic(s), for a day or two (one visit a day), then the comics show up just fine. No idea of difference – both times I’m accessing it on a Win10 laptop in Firefox. The first time I tried refreshing a bunch, but it made no difference, so since then I’ve just looked, said oh drat no comics today, and moved on.

  4. Usually the site works fine on my (old) android phone, but sometimes I see only grey below the header and have to refresh once or twice to see the comic.

        1. Sorry, that was unclear. If I try to make a comment. the WordPress default for my posts is bogusbogusbogusblog, This is the stupidest name ever, so I was a bit embarrassed. I hit “change” on WordPress to turn my name to “Paul Ralph”.

  5. At least she seems aware of the financial responsibility of buying things and found a sale. (My son her age prefers Sims 3, I think, as well.)

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