1. I know you only need to scan the first part to get the joke, but I had to read every word.Proof? I think you need to add an ‘A’ to the sentence “There are few escapes close to Find & Seek…”

    Also, it’s going to be difficult not to refer to you as “Poopy, the squirrel” from here on. Especially because 3 months from now if someone doesn’t get the reference I can reply “You must read the entire archive!”

  2. This is by far your best comic so far! Plenty of interesting information and really long stories. Are you sure Leezet is not MY sister? She is planning things only 5 months beforehand? think we share an obsession with planning and organizing and determining traffic patterns at the particular time you intend to travel. Traffic can be brutal but Google maps lets you see historical data so you can plan for a range of travel times, always guess high in case you come across a bear or something. Hey maybe I could drive you guys around on Tuesday so you don’t get lost. Does she color code her plan sheets? I think color coding helps you organize things better. Don’t forget to schedule for meals and pee breaks. My wife always says I need to schedule time for talking. She thinks sometimes I talk to much, but I don’t believe her. I think I talk just the right amount. Sunday border crossings are the WORST I hear. You really do need to be prepared for anything as who knows when a bear might pop up. She seems really thoughtful of your time with family and friends and its nice that she is trying to get all the good rooms booked for you. I don’t know if you will need air conditioning in Seattle, although it will be in July so you might. That is so good of her to think about that. You definately have to play Locurio, that room is the BEST and the owner, Summer is such a sweetheart, I’m really looking forward to you guys meeting her. Oh wait, I think she mentioned she might be out of town that weekend, that’s a bummer. Well, lots of owners in Seattle are really nice and if there is a room that is closed on the days you are here, you should ask if they can open up for you. You shouldn’t feel like you are entitled for asking, I meant the worst they can say is no. It’s not like you come to Seattle all that often. Sad that you won’t be able to play Pandora’s locks, the owner there is really nice. Maybe you could ask him if he could open for you since you will only be in town for a couple of days and he has fun rooms. I think you mentioned that your priority was good rooms, so if that’s the case, you should play at Pandora’s Locks instead of a random walk in. Some of the worst games I’ve played were random walk ins in Vancouver… or was that Victoria? Who is Poopy the Squirrel? I’M SO EXCITED YOU GUYS ARE COMING!!!

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