Paul asked is Justin was incredibly Zen! Possibly? I was hoping Justin was having fun because I didn’t want him to be bored in a room with us, but we didn’t see him laugh that much so we were worried. 😀

Oh, and Locurio’s arc begins at Comic #1647. Apologies again for the lateness. Summer is busier than I thought. So many guests we’ve had down. And we’ve been doing more escape rooms too!

Also, I haven’t been answering comments. I don’t see the comments until I come back to update the comic. I should get some notification thing going or something.


  1. That face in the comic is literally Justin’s expression the whole time. Maybe others didn’t watch him but I did (because, like always, I was worried that people weren’t at their utmost of happiness – except Errol because he’s always happy). And Justin had a pleasant smile on his face the whole time. Occasionally he would show his teeth with his smile. But never did I see anything that looked close to peeing…. 😆😆😆
    Regardless, it was a very very fun time we all had. It’s a really good room, I agree. But I feel bad because no one will be able to have as much fun because you won’t have Errol. And he was the one who made it most fun. Sadly I can’t even tell you why because spoilers. My suggestion if you play the game is bring an extrovert who is weird, over-the-top and loves to make people laugh or feel uncomfortable. Then you’ll have almost as much fun as we did.

  2. I feed bad about this because I should have been clearer about which friend I was referring to. In the comic I commented on, only one person doesn’t change expression. It’s not Justin.

  3. I was having SUCH a good time hanging out with you guys in the room. I was trying SO hard to keep my expressions to a minimum because I didn’t want to give ANYTHING away and I was afraid if I smiled when you were doing something right that might be confirmation. Don’t worry Lizette, I was at my utmost happiness the entire time I was hanging out with you guys, but especially when we were in the Locurio Rooms (the second one even more so for obvious reasons). I “almost peed my pants” because I was laughing and smiling so much internally while trying to keep a straight fact and not give anything away or show any indication of if you guys were on the right track or not. I think the pressure was building up and I was laughing so much (on the inside) it was hard to contain my joy (I hope that clears it up). Also Canadians are really weird!

    1. I’m pretty sure I saw you chuckling to yourself quietly, Justin!

      Canadians are conditioned to amuse themselves. It’s the harsh winters.

  4. The tough part is that I can’t say WHY it was so funny in that room and why we were all laughing so much as that would be a potential spoiler. Just trust me when I say it was HILLARIOUS! I think the GMs were having a hard time not losing it too. Great time and great fun for all involved!

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