1. A bit out of sync, but I like that Errol and his kids play Nancy Drew (just like I do with my guys (12 & 17)). 🙂

      1. That puts you further along the Nancy Drew list than us. Our last (“new”) game was “Alibi in Ashes” and we hated the story line. And #1 Son felt the gameplay was disappointing. #2 Son wasn’t as critical. Now we wait for the price to drop so I’ll buy the next one.

        1. So far, our favourite has been the Egypt one and the Japanese ghost one. ^_^

          We have liked a lot of them though! I did like Thornton hall… and any one where we get to interact with more Bess. 😀

          1. The Japanese one was great. We usually do love them. But out of the last three I got on Steam (sale with my price point) – “Ashes” was a thumbs down (mostly because of the story — they arrest Nancy totally ignoring her rights and then she gets to run around the police station?!), the one with the train and Hardy Boys was fun (but easy) and the German one okay. Prior to that our biggest complaint was “Old Clock” with “Drive zippily!” (cute concept once, but not every blasted time). #1 Son wants to go into game design so sometimes we pick apart what was good (and bad) about a game.

            Curious to know if when you play with your family — do you parcel out puzzles or do players fight over who does what? We have to rotate who controls the Nancy nightly but with the puzzles we each have our strengths (or levels of tolerance) so that works out with minimal argument.

        2. We don’t dole out the puzzles. I usually do them, unless the girls really want to work on the puzzles. I don’t let the kids use hints because I’m a big meanie, so sometimes we’ll stop the game and do something else and work on it with a fresh brain.

          If we’ve been stuck for a few days, then we get a hint. 😀

          And yes, I hate the drive zippily parts too. There are a few of those puzzles, and the car, or the snowmobile, or the whatever is hard to control!

          1. That’s when you stick #1 Son on the job (that and flying/gliding in Batman games – if you don’t mind the snarky commentary about how completely incompetent one is). 🙂 #2 Son likes to do the repetitive games to collect points/money (thank goodness).

            You probably know this site but http://www.uhs-hints.com/ is our ND hint place — you get to decide how much help you need (i.e. just the room or spell it out for me completely).

            p.s. good to hear that the Egypt one is good (given you mentioned liking ones we enjoyed). And I’ll try not to talk more about Nancy Drew now. 🙂

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