Ekko will sometimes come to me and tell me certain comics she finds funny in my previous webcomic, D&E. If anything, I at least made her laugh. In fact, I think my girls and my wife find this comic entertaining. So as long as I have an audience of three, it’s time well spent.

Talked to Peter of Rock, Paper, Cynic on twitter today and I asked him for advice on layout. He gave me a whole slew of suggestions so when I get time I hope to implement that. (For example, I know I have no archive, I will work on that!)

And finally, it was exciting to see Her Interactive tweet my comic. They are the ones that publish the Nancy Drew Games. I talk about the games enough, even though I’m supposed to be talking about Totoro!

Oh, and btw, those were Zoe’s exact words. Thank you, Zoe. Thank you.


  1. Let me recount the conversation the girls had with me about the above comic (in tandem, while jumping on my couch): “Zoe said this funny thing upstairs and Daddy wrote it down. He writes down everything now! It’s crazy! The comic is so awesome now! I would have made it funnier though! I think we should start writing them! We could have a comic where we push him out of his own comic! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA”

        1. I can just see that issue now.. Its just your kids and you’re blended into the background (transparency setting 98%)

  2. The first time I read this, I tried to figure out how to interactive tweet something since you saw her interactive tweet your comic. It was only when I tried to figure out who “her” was that I realized what you were referring to.

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