MNE_20150829_226Cousin Jar was in Toronto for work so he came over for dinner. And then we went out to a restaurant where my cousin Memes works.

We had a great time talking about Anime, games, comics, Star Wars, San Diego Comiccon, everything!

That’s why the comic was late today.

Ok, not really. I was up playing Terraria with Ekko after that. It’s her fault.

Besides, who checks it at 8am on a Saturday morning? Stats show that people don’t check the comics as much on the weekends…


  1. My stats show the same thing, which is understandable in normal circumstances, but when I’m doing daily comics (as I am now), I’m all, “Come on, guys…you’re MISSING PART OF THE STORY!” And then I go check Errol’s comic.

  2. I usually check by 10 a.m. (while the rest of the household listens to CarTalk). Today I was otherwise occupied. 🙂

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