MNE_20150901_229You may have noticed that things are becoming more lax with regards to time. Sorry about that. For the first time in a long time, I’m actually struggling trying to keep up. Crazy times. I think the last time I may have felt this pressed was when we did the musical and I had two webcomics to put out.

I am part of a super supportive team though, so I’ve been dumping stuff on them, poor guys. They’re awesome though! ^_^


  1. Once, when I had a terrible Acer laptop whose motherboard was on the verge of self-destruction, a friend tried to save some of my files by installing Linux. Unfortunately, the version he installed was meant for visually impaired users, and…let’s just say it read everything aloud in a barely comprehensible robot voice (this was before the era of half-decent screen readers) and insisted on reciting every number it came across in its entirety, very slowly. I’m sure it would have worked better with the full version, and I’m also sure that Linux has improved that appalling robot voice, but the experience did rather traumatise me where Linux was concerned.

    1. I was impressed at how easy it was to install. I just downloaded it, put it on a USB key, and installed the thing. And since all Ekko does is go onto Steam and Internet, it’s perfect. And much faster than the windows 8 machine we have…

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