MNE_20150929_258My computer is giving me problems. My windows machine, which is still XP, has something wrong with the explorer.exe. It keeps crashing and I have to reboot.

And then I found out WordPress has problems sending passwords when registering new users. I had to put in a quick fix in the php files to make it work (they didn’t have any <a href> tags in there)

Huzzah technical support! I don’t know what I’m going to do with my windows machine. It’s the computer that makes all the comics…


      1. How about YOU be drunk and flirt with men this time? I know this is meant to be funny, and I’m sorry for getting all serious on you, but women DO exist to do things other than flirt with men!

        1. Ha actually this comic was my idea. The conversation did happen. And I agree with you! Especially coming from the acting world, it’s annoying to see female characters sexualized that much. But in this case, this was just errol teasing :). I know him well enough now to know that he doesn’t actually think that way :D. And trusts me to do other things too 😀

          Admittedly, being confident flirty Manda was pretty fun :D. I am actually usually cast in far different roles! Like crazy people.

        2. In case you can’t tell, I totally needed a nap this morning when I saw this, because this is the first time I was ever actually annoyed by one of Errol’s comics. I’m glad he’s just teasing. But Errol, I think I would still try to distract you with eggs, as per Mike’s suggestion. 🙂

  1. So if I get the gist of this conversation, Errol is kind of typecasting Manpans into all the flirting roles…ever.
    And Manpans seems to want to break OUT of that role.
    And XP is dying.
    Time for Windows 7, Errol.

  2. lol poor Manpans, subjected to the Loop Of Errol

    Loop of Errol – When Errol has an idea and recycles it in new ideas involving any person/place/thing around him. The loop doesn’t break until: a) a ‘huzzah’ condition is reached b) he is distracted by eggs/totoro/(put current hobby here) c) a more interesting person/place/thing/idea is encountered . Condition C may lead to a recursive Loop of Errol

  3. I was hoping there was at least the possibility of another live escape event someday. We wanted to come so badly, but had reached our limit of Toronto visits this year (both financially and because I needed a break from being pulled so far out of my comfort zone).

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