1. The next question shouted through the vents obviously was “Are you pooping Manpans? Is that why you won’t answer the phone?!!”

          1. Oh wow! You’re still commenting! Yes, I do remember her asking me about the Nano soundtrack. I think we put it up somewhere. Are you doing Nano?

  2. Young Writers Program. I am not 13 yet, but I am turning 12 next month.

    I also like NanoToons. I drew a few personal NanoToons on my whiteboard. One is where 2 new people doing Nano are talking to each other, then Tala comes in and says, “Hi, I’m Tala!”
    One of the new girls says “Uh, hi?” and the other one says, “I know who you are! I watch Mel’s blog. You’re the crazy one!”

      1. 1) I don’t know how to post things on websites 2) I had to erase it from the white board because I draw (and color) on it a lot. Sorry to disappoint you.

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