MNE_20150210_027Ah, FAWM. Where else can I express myself so freely?

Completely off topic, I’ve been wondering, are there many G-rated webcomics out there? I’m starting to think that because newspapers required it, most webcomics have been free to explore the freedom of an uncensored internet.

Which means, in the niche of webcomics, I may be one of the few mythic rares that is G-rated. I should capitalize on that.

I think Kari’s is G-rated too.


  1. My comic is probably better described as PG- or even PG-13-rated (though I have some problems with the rating system, to be frank). The characters have used mild swear words (“bitch” likely being the harshest so far) and have discussed topics that would be taboo in G-rated stories (for instance, at one point, Rose–fifteen at the time–tells her mother that she and Iz “have been having a lot of sex,” which is not actually the truth). The kids don’t really talk like real teenagers, but if someone eventually needs to use a genuinely bad word, a genuinely bad word will be used. Also, while I don’t actually believe that precious little children should be shielded from all knowledge of (gasp) same-sex relationships, if we’re going strictly by the Hollywood rating system, Rose’s two moms would probably automatically propel the comic into PG territory.

    Long story short: as far as G-rated comics go, you’re on your own.

    1. I don’t know if you do it on purpose (to appease people), or if it’s just your style, or what, but personally, I’m glad both of your webcomics are how they are. I could never have gotten so deeply engrossed in WoB if it had contained lots of vulgarity in any form.

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