1. No, the store I went to didn’t have Dell machines. Got a Hewlett Packard called a … uh… “Omen”. Had to check. 😀

      1. Mostly wondered if you managed to snag a Win 7 (known commodity). Know all about installing Steam (and downloading games) as first priority. We too usually benefit from the castoffs of others (we still have a Windows 98 machine to play certain games on) but last year stumbled on an incredible deal and got two Win 7 laptops (one was suppose to be for my mother — never made it there). First order of priority — Steam and games. 🙂

  1. Sorry to burst your bubble, but Adobe Flash is evil and… very broken.

    “Just one day after Adobe released its monthly security patches for various software including Flash Player, the company confirmed a major security vulnerability that affects all versions of Flash for Windows, Mac and Linux computers. You read that correctly… all versions. Adobe said it has been made aware that this vulnerability is being used by hackers to attack users, though it says the attacks are limited and targeted. Using the exploit, an attacker can crash a target PC or even take complete control of the computer.

    And now for the fun part: The only way to effectively protect yourself against this serious security hole is to completely uninstall Flash Player from your machine.”


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