MNE_20151028_287Ekko sent me an email to remind me to do this comic. It happened after we did her birthday board game party. 😀

I leave tomorrow for my work trip. I plan on bringing my computer to work on NaNoToons and the webcomic.

Two daily webcomics is hard…

It didn’t help that Ekko wanted to play “Don’t Starve”…and then I introduced her to “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes”


  1. One piece is fun- as somebody catching up with the last three months of it (I was rather distracted).

    I assume you guys are still pretty close to the beginning (that show is probably going to get to Ekko on a social justice level a little bit down the line courtesy of a corrupt world government).

  2. This happened on the subway though. Plus now I’m catching up to Zoe now in comic numbers . Yes I need to watch more things hopefully tonight before he leaves us again.

  3. My sister and I do the topic-changing on one another all the time… and we both get exasperated when the other one does it. But it makes it hard for strangers to eavesdrop on us in public, so it pays off.

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