1. I spent New Year’s Eve on an airplane and made it all the way to the 192 bus from the airport by midnight. It was extremely exciting.

  2. I always buy myself a Christmas present. That way I know I’ll get something I like. 🙂 We stayed up way too late playing Cash Flow 101. That was after we made up our own rules to Scrabble and did a few Star Wars Mad Libs.

    1. Ha ha ha! I pretty much bought myself all my Christmas presents. Except the oranges. 😀

      Huzzah for board games! ^_^

  3. 18 people, 14 course (plus dessert) homemade Chinese banquet. Hoping to watch Sherlock tonight (if the TV gets PBS in, otherwise will have to try and stream).

    On the game front (and because #1 son (or was it #2?) suggested it) – Steam is having a sale and the last three Nancy Drew games that they sell (and we haven’t played) are $6/each. Don’t quite want to drop $18 so how would you and yours (and hey, I’ll take any other commentators) rank the following: Ghost of Thornton Hall, Deadly Device, Tomb of the Lost Queen? I will add that our last Nancy Drew marathon left people a bit disappointed. Alibi in Ashes – we hated the story line and the complete disregard of due process, so it made it hard to enjoy plus aspects of the general game play stunk (for us). Captive Curse – some games bored enough of the group and the story did not grab. Last Train with Hardy Boys – very easy (but fun re: story). Repetitive traveling and/or dialogue is a drag — i.e. “Drive zippily” or the phone dialogue to swap characters (Alibi) gets old unless it moves at a a good clip and isn’t required over and over again.

    Thanks in advance for any insight or opinions.

    And happy new year too. 🙂

    1. Oooh! Chinese Banquet! YUM!

      Hmmm, wow, which Nancy Drew to do?! Good question. I don’t know if I’m the person to ask since I’ll play all of them regardless. 😀

      However, Thornton hall had some extra creepy moments in it which was awesome.

      Deadly Device we found difficult, but not as captivating.

      Tomb of the Lost Queen we enjoyed, but we like Egyptian themes.

      1. Thanks. If I could get them at $3/each it wouldn’t matter. But I can’t. So it does. I’m leaning towards Egypt (since we like Egyptian stuff). A couple of them have had Chinese in them so we can solve the problems without getting all the stuff (which is cool). 🙂 So mysteries where we have a potential edge — always good. Thanks again.

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